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October 27 2017

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You can lead a horse to water


But you can’t drink a horse



learning languages is fun until i gotta do it for a grade

Learning new things in general is fun until I have to do it for a grade






one day i will be Strong and punch the sun 

uhh yeah…pretty sure that’s not possible so uhh…

i will punch it

look buddy. if you try and punch the sun ur hand is just gonna get burned up… not really sure what you’re expecting here…

im gonna punch it real hard

October 25 2017

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this episode was so stressful

My heart couldn’t take it






how do you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber

ask them to pronounce “unionized”

Holy fuck thats clever

It took me 5 minutes to get this

extremely clever

this joke annoys me because there’s no way to tell it verbally 

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start referring to things you own as “your inventory”

“Jackie did I give you my keys?”
“idk lemme check my inventory *rustling in purse*”

“yeah mom hold on one sec I just need to equip my shoes”


when u intentionally make a grammar/spelling mistake & someone corrects u

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I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for whatever the hell that is.

Beware Sping-arm Sam


There would have been a lot less death in the wild west if they had just built the towns big enough

October 24 2017


*in a court room*

“but your honor, i was lifehacking”

"Poison" Is a social construct invented to keep me from eating every delicious mushroom I find on the ground


Some person: You’re cute.


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this woman is my destiny she said uwu shut up and dance with me



Optimistic nihilism only lads

The universe is an open ended sandbox rpg. There’s no end goal. You can only get achievements. Some of them include making other people happy



If you want cute names for your partner just use ones on candles they’re so beautiful like pumpkin spice or Passion flower or midnight rose or vanilla bean





animal crossing is an RPG

Really Peaceful Game

HELL yeah






i dont understand half of the words here but god if this isn’t the funniest thing i’ve ever read

im pretty sure red and blue weren’t programmed but just sort of… mutated into cartridges

Red and blue are why QA teams were invented

for fuck’s sake they weren’t badly programmed. They were bleeding edge. It’s so easy to forget that but Red and Blue were literally pushing the limits of what they could fit on the cartridge.

They used every trick in the book. In that way, the programming behind them is GENIUS. It’s frankly a lost art, in this era where hardware is insanely cheap and scalable, when you can just keep throwing more resources at the problem. But Red & Blue were when programmers had to get creative. Not currently using a piece of memory? Repurpose it, we can’t just leave it lying around. Only have a couple registers? Juggle them, keep careful track so we can restore them when we needed. Does this data need to be single purpose, or can we also use it for, say, a seed value?

And all this WORKED. I guarantee you 99% of children playing this never saw a bug in casual play. MODERN games are buggier by a landslide. Remember when X&Y came out and there was an ENTIRE CITY you couldn’t save in because it’d DELETE YOUR SAVE? Imagine that happening in the days of Red&Blue. It couldn’t have. I can turn on my red cartridge TODAY and have it work. And the bugs that did exist, those edge cases they missed? They produce this behavior because the game REFUSES TO CRASH. Sure, you can make it crash if you try hard enough, but goddamn it’s resilient. It just plugs away with garbage data in memory for as long as possible.

Y'all looking down from your 64-bit quad-core smartphones with 128GB SD cards like Red & Blue were programmed by amateurs. What, you also going to bitch that the Wright Brothers didn’t make a jet engine? These are artifacts from pioneers who wrote the goddamn book that others would use as gospel.

a pissed off goddamn programmer.

The Game Boy has 8 kilobytes of RAM. Most of the icons on this site could not fit into the working memory of a Game Boy intact.

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